Who We Are

Ian and Ben

Sonalux Ltd is a startup company founded in 2019 by Dr Ian Costabile and Ben Vitteau. The idea of establishing an audio electronics manufacturer in Liverpool was inspired by the Transformation North West scheme (AHRC) and supported by the University of Liverpool’s Enterprise Fund.

Sonalux’s first research and development projects were successful collaborations with other startups (such as Pulse Systems) and the Sensor City hub. The company launched its first commercial product, the MagicPick, after a series of experiments with smart-technology for musicians. It is now used by many guitarists to illuminate their stages and for practice (the pick also has an in-built metronome).

The company is led by Ian and Ben, who direct, design and manage hardware and software production, and is supported by a small team of subcontractors (3D designers, manufacturing assistants and marketing representatives).

Sonalux continues to grow with new ambitions and partnerships in various projects. It expects to launch its innovative device for sound spatialisation in 2023 (Schaeffer XXI) and it’s currently providing electronics training courses.

Dr Ian Costabile is an electronics design engineer, composer, and researcher. His works often explore interactivity, lights and spatialisation. More info on: www.iancostabile.com

Ben Vitteau is a senior software engineer who worked for several companies in the programming industry. He is also an eclectic music lover, guitar and bansuri player.