Have you ever considered illuminating your guitar playing? The Sonalux MagicPick opens up a new world for your inspiration. 5 LEDs react with colourful flashes of light in unison with your strumming, and sound beeps with the tempo you set by tapping the button.

The MagicPick brings a whole new dynamic to your playing and your performance will be all the more captivating for your audience.

MagicPick is also a tap-tempo metronome, which means that you will no longer need to rely on your phone to learn new licks, scales, or whatever else you have in mind.

What’s magical about our picks?

Aside from the obvious, there are a few more details that tend to make people’s eyes light up.

Magic Pick Blue
Our hand-made picks are the first fruits of our micro-company in Liverpool, UK. We are quite certain the Beatles would be proud of us!

Our pick/plectrum is made of resin, with high-resistant material, which gives it the appearance of a miniature spaceship in your hands.

The battery lasts for a long time… in fact we have not managed to run out of one yet! It automatically sleeps after 5 minutes of inactivity (but from version 2 this function can be deactivated if desired)

Last, but far from least, we don’t use plastic in our pick box. We consider the environment (RoHS) in every stage of the making process… and we only switch on the light when strictly necessary!

MagicPick v2

In September 2022 we launched our new version of the MagicPick.

Now it features new colour modes: yellow, pink, cyan… and for the truest exhibitionists, we even have a rainbow mode!

This updated guitar pick also comes in a better finish enclosure. This means that no more plastic is needed at the back so that you can feel the PCB on your fingers. It also has a superior pick sound.

Simply magical.

User Manuals for MagicPicks

User Manual for MagicPick v2 download
User Manual for MagicPick v1 download