Magic Pick Blue

Have you ever considered playing your guitar with lights? MagicPick opens up a new world for your inspiration! Including 5 LEDs that react to your strumming, this incredible piece of technology will give you the power to illuminate your music.

MagicPick is also a tap-tempo metronome, so you can forget your phone and be free to magically learn new licks, scales and whatever you have in mind! Lights flash and sound beeps with the tempo you set by tapping the button.

The battery lasts for ages, we have not managed to run out of one yet! In any case, it automatically sleeps after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Best of all, this is hand-made by our micro-company in Liverpool, UK. We believe the Beatles would be proud of us.

The pick/plectrum is made of resin, with high-resistant material and it looks like a miniature spaceship in your hands.

What else? We don’t use plastic in our pick box and we consider the environment (RoHS) in every stage of the making process, and we only switch on the light when strictly necessary!

Magic Pick description
Magic Pick Back Green
Magic Pick Red
MagicPick Box

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