Enlightening Technology for Musicians

Welcome to Sonalux Ltd. We are designers and manufacturers of cutting-edge electronics that enhance the creativity of musicians, sound artists, performers, galleries, museums, concert rooms and AV technicians.

We specialise in spatialisation of sound, and musical illumination through our MagicPick. We are also working on Smart Speaker design and production, which will be launching soon.

Schaeffer XXI on

Our Kickstarter campaign is now completed and we have reached our goal! Thanks to everyone who supported us!

The new face of sound spatialisation is here: Schaeffer XXI is the compact spatialiser designed by Sonalux.

We created a cutting-edge device that brings a world of spatialised sound to the palm of your hand. No programming is required, and using a simple joystick you can now spatialise sound through up to 8 speakers.

The MagicPick

Our first creation, the MagicPick, opens up a whole new world of inspiration for guitar maestros. 5 LEDs react to your strumming, illuminating your performance in perfect unison with your playing.

MagicPick is also a tap-tempo metronome, aiding you in learning new licks, scales and whatever you have in mind, without reliance on your phone.

Lights flash and sound beeps with the tempo you set by tapping the button.

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We are now on Instagram, which is a great place to keep up with what Sonalux is up to.

We are now partners with Studiocare Professional Audio.

Check their website for the latest audio products and equipment repair services.