Schaeffer XXI

Once upon a time, if you wanted to spatialise sound over as few as two speakers, you needed an array of technology from mixing desks, to cables and bespoke computer software. For many, that sounds a lot like a headache in the making.

Spatial music has actually been around since biblical times, but the kind of technology that makes it easy is only now being launched. Spatialising exploits sound localisation; in other words, a listener’s ability to discern the origin or location of a sound in distance or direction.

Our Kickstarter campaign is now completed! We reached our goal, thanks so much for much for everyone who supported us! Schaeffer XXI is now scheduled for official release in December 2023.

Spatialising sound is now child’s play

Until now, there has been no way to spatialise sound over up to 8 speakers without having to do a significant amount of programming yourself.

Meet Schaeffer XXI, the prototype spatialiser by Sonalux. It is the first instrument to roll all of the prerequisite technology into one small device, bringing a world of spatialised sound to the palm of your hand.

Schaeffer XXI photo

We named the device in hommage to Pierre Schaeffer, the legendary French composer and theroetician. Schaeffer invented music concrète and made the first ever sound spatialiser in the 1950s, able to control the spatial distribution of electronically produced sounds.

Schaeffer’s spatialiser (known as ‘space potentiometer’) controlled 4 speakers and was operated mechanically by moving some large rings.

We brought this concept forward to the XXI century and made a device that distributes sound through up to 8 speakers and is controlled by a joystick. It can take up to 20 inputs simultaneously (USB+SD card+Line In), and comprises a sequencer, SD card reader, and many other features.


Schaeffer XXI is designed to enhance creative output and can be utilised by a range of industries and professionals working with music, such as:

  • Multichannel music performance
  • Sound art installations
  • DJing
  • Multiroom system
  • Production mixing
  • Speaker testing
  • Stage/Theater spatialisation

What Schaeffer XXI offers:

  • Distribution of sound in real-time through up to 8 speakers
  • Joystick control and live mode allow you to play with live spatialisation using VBAP
  • Spatialising up to 20 inputs simultaneously (USB: 8 + SD card: 8 + Line In: 4)
  • LED matrix to visualise inputs/outputs distribution simultaneously
  • Distributing any input individually to any output, via easy joystick control
  • A sequencer that defines patterns for all inputs and plays all at once or individually
  • Adjustment of beat on each individual track with tap tempo
  • Works as a USB 8-channel audio interface, so you can play tracks from your DAW
  • SD card 44.1KHz PCM player up to 8 tracks 
  • Compatible with Max MSP and plugin for Ableton Live Suite
  • USB-MIDI compatible, so you can spatialise from your MIDI keyboard/controller
  • Control room software that includes special effects
  • Sequence generator software allows you to easily create your spatial song and load it on an SD card
  • 1 stereo line in 3.5mm mini-jack input so you can spatialise from your phone or audio device
  • 2 mono 6.35mm jack inputs
  • Individual channel volume control


  • USB-C powered
  • USB 8-output interface (Windows/Mac plug-in)
  • 1 Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack socket
  • 2 mono 6.35mm jack sockets
  • SD card 44.1KHz PCM player and sequence file reader
  • Matrix input-output distribution
  • Live mode via joystick control (it can be set to any number of speakers from 2 to 8)
  • Integrated sequencer with tap-tempo
  • Individual channel volume control
  • USB-MIDI integration which makes it compatible with Max MSP and other software
  • Supporting software that can be used for additional effects and for quickly creating multichannel tracks
  • Dimensions: 15.8cm(w) x 13.7cm(l) x 22.15cm(h)

Schaeffer XXI Software and Manual Download

Click here to download our customised software for Schaeffer XXI and the manual.

Schaeffer XXI Buy

We are still preparing for the official release of Schaeffer XXI in 2024. However, you may be able to buy it directly from us. Please contact us for price and stock availability, and sign up for our mailing list for updates.